The Lynn's 
Proclaiming Hope 

       In Ethiopia 

Unite With Us in Two Ways...

Seeing hearts change cannot happen apart from the power of God. Diligently pray that the people of Ethiopia will see the hope of the gospel.

Additional prayer request and updates can be r
eceived on a monthly basis. Just fill out the Connection form below. 


A team of financial supporters is crucial to the work God is doing in Ethiopia. 
Would you consider giving a one time gift or on a monthly basis? No contribution is insignificant.

 Gifts can be given through the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.


Connection Form 

If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter in order to be more specific in your prayers and to see how God is working through this ministry, please sign up here. 

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*The BBFI does not charge approved missionaries for handling their contributions. The missionaries receive 100 cents of every dollar that comes in for them. The BBFI Missions Office is the world missions service center for BBFI Churches and their missionaries. They are financed by faith – through the giving of churches, individuals and missionaries. All support, whether from individuals, missionaries or churches, is voluntary. To learn more about the BBFI World Missions Service center please visit

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